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Introducing Frontline

Frontline is the world's first vendor agnostic intelligent automation service for Technical Support, Account Management, Professional Service, and Customer Success services, enabling self-service without any hassle.

Tired of waiting for support to identify and resolve an issue or even pick up the phone? Not getting the desired outcomes from your managed services? Frontline provides you with instant answers and self-managing capabilities through a single and easy-to-use interface for all of your connected devices.

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Key Features

Issue Identification & Resolution

Identify known issues, resource limitations and behavioral anomalies, with recommendations and assisted bug-scrubs to help decide and plan software upgrades

Health Monitoring & Planning

Monitor performance and operational health indicators over time, with forecasting to simplify capacity planning exercices

Configuration Optimization & Security

Optimize configuration and security settings based on vendor best practices, with feature adoption insights to help discover untapped product value